Bed Rest with Rose.

Bed Rest with Rose.

Got to ambitious and hurt something. Doctor L is going to be miffed.

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Laren threw a punch at your cancer.
Milad, Patricia sent you a hug.
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*soft paw* You are probably champing at the bit to be fully recovered. Hope this setback is minor and you are soon back on your feet. Cuddles with Rose sounds like the purrfeck thing to do until then :*)
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Feel better soon!
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I hope things are finally starting to improve and you feel really better soon! Hugs
You have an incredible fighting attitude! Don't lose it! I admire you for having it so strong! Patricia
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November 17, 2015

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February 4, 1984

Cancer Info


November 15, 2015

Stage 1

Grade 3


Starting off alone. Not having domain over my own body. Getting weaker. Being left in the dark by doctors

Don't take stuff or people for granted.

First Cancer was Endometrial Cancer -Very heavy bleeding -Abdominal pain -Fullness -Fatigue -Edema Sarcoma (2017) Growing lump on elbow pain tingling edema



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