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My second elbow

Hey guys,

It has been a while since I have had a chance to write. Most of my time is spent in bed. My well meaning sister visited with Influzena A and I have been pretty weak and mostly house bound since then. It hurts to type for too long. My incision might be infected or something it is very painful. It looks like it is bulging a bit. And the hydro morphine does nothing really for the pain at all.

I see my GP tomorrow and it is better than waiting in the ER for hours for an evaluation to wait the time and get some other people sick with the influzena. I am going to have a hard time going back to work with my arm being this way, since 80% of my day is spent typing and talking and well I have no voice for the immediate future. I can get about 25 minutes in before I have to rest. Which is noob typing.

 I have been getting a lot of quality time in with Iain which is really nice. I just thought that maybe this year my vacation pay would not be used for cancer and we could do normal couple things. Am I just unlucky in life to get two different types?

Iain's pain doctor put him on cannabis oil for pain so I am looking forward to his being under control a fair bit. I miss you all and I don't ever stop thinking about you guys... Janay, Thomas, Marcia, Irene, Kathee, Emsnana, Laren, Val, Michael, and so so many of you. When I am not typing I am reading about you and thinking about you ass kickers. I am sorry that you have had to face this but you keep me strong with your words. <3


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Oh dear, am sorry to hear you are under the weather with the 'flu *soft paw* Your GP will assess the wound and has hopefully given you something to combat infection and pain. It's good to hear Iain is on the cannabis oil - we've heard such amazing things about it over here in Aussie. Wish it was freely available for all who need it, it's awesome and powerful stuff. We're sending you healing vibes and many hugs. You'll get through this and will come out the other side - you have a warrior's soul! xx :*)
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Call MD about possible infex; antibiotic will get rid of it, call before any oozing starts. I'm curious if Rose & Iris are sniffing your incision? They got clear margins, right? No lymph nodes involved?
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It's tough enough dealing with your own body issues without having an unwelcome visitor (flu). I am grateful my wife has avoided any communicable diseases, especially since our favorite activity is visiting the grandkids. Hang in there and do continue to post, if only a couple of words! Maybe you should get a dictation program!
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Going thru our ups and downs with cancer is tough enough but then the lovely flu just stinks, ugh! Rest as much as you can and stay strong!!
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It's a war medal

Hey guys. 

So the surgery to get negative margins on the sarcoma was on the 9th .They had to go deep! I was surprised! Oh boy I'm sore! Any tips?


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Stay ahead of the pain. If you wait to take pain meds it can take hours. Watch for any signs of infection. Do't do to much to early. Hope you improve rapidly.
Is that the inside or outside of your arm Jen? Soft tissue sarcoma? Like Pam says, don't wait until it's throbbing; take the pain rx as soon as you can.
*soft paw* #ouchies ... we agree with comments - stay ahead of the pain. Go slowly and try not to knock it. Yes, act immediately upon any sign of infection. We have paws crossed for success! xx :*)
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