Chippin' around - kick my brains around the floor.

So I managed to get that preadmission appointment booked. January 22nd, 2016.  I think it might be helpful for me to start finding things or setting up social situations to look forward to. Marcia suggested having a nice new years. So figure we'll go out to Five Fortune Cultural Centre for some authentic Chinese food. Then we'll see where the night takes us? 

Dr.L should be back from New Brunswick soon. It would be nice to talk about pain management. Day to day is a constant pressure/worst menses ever, bowel movements already have those I haven't see a toilet in hours pain to them within minutes needing to go. Having a pain patient husband I know doctors are hesitant to do anything. Which is crazy.

I need to have a talk with her. Its impacting my life.


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I hope you have a great New Years, relax a bit and Don't worry about the surgery, you have been doing a lot of " hurry up and waiting" keep calm and don't go there until you get there. Hugs
Oh good. You feel better once you've got a date and getting things rolling. Yes, celebrate the new year, it is a new beginning.
Glad you are getting out for New Years. Enjoy yourself!
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