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Ever notice that each year for ends with the last thing most commonly said as "One" and the first word is "Happy". It was food for thought for me today.  I have been spending my time thinking of now and the past and worrying about the future; when I should be focusing on being happy. 
I also want to make this blog more than coping mechanism for myself; I want to guide some other woman that is on the edge, whom may never have children and is going through this change like me; through this.  And  even if it comes to it, if when they are operating that they must take my ovaries, I want to leave a message for future me, which will probably take a while to sync up/sink in. Children are not the only way that you can make an impact. Find a way through it.
 And to my reader; to you in the present and my past I want to tell you to breathe, that you treatment plan is not written in stone. Don't spend your time worrying about chemotherapy or radiation when it is not happening; as I need to. I really need to learn how to get that advice to sink in as well. I'm an emotional girl. Take it day by day; I want you to write and draw. I want you to sieze the day.
If you are a boyfriend, husband, wife, father, brother, uncle or cousin reading this blog. You may or may not deal with her weepiness, tiredness, mood changes, changes in weight or appearance. She may give up on her presentation for a while. The best thing to do is to be there for her of course.  To push her if she needs pushing. You'll know when to do this. She'll get tired so she might not be able to jog with you as normal. Stock up on comfort foods and try the things she has wanted to try. Celebrate the holidays. Make your own holidays.  Make dates. Ask her out for coffee or bring it to her. Allow her to research what is going on but remind her that a treatment plan is a snowflake; its different everytime.
So supporter/reader/friend I had mentioned the "7 Stages of Grief" this applies not only to death, but personal losses and illnesses. Don't be angry with yourself or frustrated that you are bouncing around. As a Anxiety,Bipolar, PTSD and OCD patient the most important thing I can educate you of is Self Actualization, Meditation (yes it works) and awareness. I find actualizing my feelings works well for me. Normally someone like myself would be a stick of dynamite right now. If I feel tense or anxious I actualize it and say "Hey Jenny, you are anxious you need to meditate or take your medicine." and it usually works for me. I hope this can help you. And that you start using healthy coping mechanisms. I like to draw when I feel unsure. You'll see that I have added alot of art. I am also writing poetry fairly often about my feelings.  Share your self expression. Let people know how you feel about them. If you love them; if you want to fix things let them know.
My last piece of Advice in this entry is to listen to your fellow warriors and supporters. They have been through a similar journey, they are here and happy to be there for you.  I cannot wait to support you.

Happy New Year and a clank of the old champagne glass to you whatever day you read this.


Love Jenny

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Clank of the champagne glass to you. What a wonderful intro to the New Year.🎉🍾🍾
I think you are doing great I find ithelps just to get the emotions out, and you really do a good job writing. I'm sure you inspire others just by posting your words here.
Happy new year, I hope 2016, is good to you.
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