It's off the hook.

So my morning was interesting...


I woke up to my phone ringing. I answer it. A man starts shouting expletives at me. He had said that I had been harassing his father. He asked if I was Terri. ( Terri is my horrible cousin. From my entry "Drift by my Window") cited my number and threatened me. 

I message Kitty. Wondering if she had stored my number somewhere in sight of her. We find out that she hadn't. My cousin is angry because I did not acknowledge her mother when she waved. The fact that I have blocked my aunt on Facebook for calling me a whore after I came out about the sexual abuse and rape. And told her to never contact me again is a factor why I look through them and don't wave. She had threatened to attack me according to Kitty. 



After all of the things they did she wants to attack me? I'm furious.

This sucks. I'll wait to see if I get a call, but I just updated everyone who needs to know with this number. Changing my number again would be a huge pain.

Yesterday was my pre-admission. They couldn't get blood from me easily as usual; so they went for my hands after my warning and several attempts to the contrary of my warning. Did my vitals. And swabbed me in some interesting places.

I'm set with my paperwork for the 5th. I'm going to see Dr.L on Monday to see if she can do anything. 

I have been trying to nest. I got my pads ready. Last package ever? I have only needed a liner since starting HRT in July. I'm going to pick up travel everything else. 3 to 5 days is my expected stay. Anybody got tips to pass time. Or a good hairstyle for long hair to keep it tidy?

I'm going to keep positive.


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You'll be out of it for a while. After my surgery, I think I stared at the wall all day. My BFF and minister said I talked with them but I don't remember. You like crosswords or cryptograms? As for that harassment? My answer to everything that annoys me: I'm calling my lawyer!
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Don't waste any time on family that treats you that way! Your surgery is so close, healing is coming! Will Lain be there with you?
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He and his parents
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Good luck with the surgery and I wish you the absolute best outcome! Sending you lots of positive energy and hope you stay positive, REGARDLESS! M.
I am sending you an early Happy Birthday, as I won't be on the computer much, so I am hoping you have a very wonderful birthday and many, many more Hugs xoxoxo
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November 17, 2015

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Starting off alone. Not having domain over my own body. Getting weaker. Being left in the dark by doctors

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