Now I've heard there was a secret chord

So my incision seems to be healing nicely. I was open from my Sternum down to my Pubis. So its a large scar. I basically live in my abdominal brace. As I am Fluffy, Luscious, Rotund...I'm prone to opening up. My hernia incision did. Yesterday I was weeping tons of Sero. So Bracie had to go through the machine. So I haven't moved any more then going to the bathroom. Which is up a flight of stairs. That's challenging. And chair physio. Had a couple more hot flashes. I have been spacing out my morphine. They only gave me 30 tabs.

I have been thinking about what to do after this. My life has been changed. One weird thing is, I feel more attuned to being a woman. More than I have ever in my life. I never wore dresses. Now I cannot get enough of them. I want to become more healthy. I feel as if I have slapped, in a good way.

I'm frustrated that I can't lift, get up by myself.

I've learned the simple pleasure of a shower.

Thank god. I have learned to appreciate again.



Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Irene sent you a prayer.
DeAnna, Marcia sent you a hug.
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Jennifer, Going up and down those stairs sounds like an Olympic feat with all your body has to heal. It is frustrating not to be able to get up by yourself. Most of us are taught to be independent so it is very hard to let others do for us. In reading your other blogs, I would say it is your turn to be the care receiver. Love your comment about learning to appreciate again and would love to see you model some of those dresses. Thinking about you and hoping this period of your life will become less stressful.
Please Jennifer if you need help get it. Is home are coming to see you? If not get a hold of your doctor to get thm in.I wish I was closer so I could help you. You need to heal. Hugs and prayers xoxo
Sounds to me like you are moving forward - to a better place than before, hopefully. You were in such pain before the surgery, scared and unsure of the future. But you have conquered, got through the surgery and are now recovering. You are coming through this with colours flying and proving what a mighty warrior you really are. We are proud of you. Take it easy, give yourself a chance to heal properly. Take help when you need it. We have paws crossed you mend quickly and are soon back on your feet doing all you want :*)
I felt the same way when I was told & had cancer & then completed treatment. I felt like I was 'slapped' too, but my was a huge fall on my butt (literally) and I have learned to appreciate everything much more. It's one thing to say you appreciate something and another to actually feel so grateful & appreciative. Hugs to you & a quick recovery. You're young & have your whole life ahead of you. Now go pick out some pretty dresses! I love them too.
Rest up sweetie and get some help from home nurses if you can!!!
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