And I got all the symptoms count 'em 1, 2,3

Life seems to be like a quarter tumbling tensely in the air. You are left wondering wastedly which side it will land on. Will your hair be silver like the quarter, will you be shiney and clean when you land or all scuffed up, will you land in a sewer crate, on the street or will you be caught nicely back of the hand and cupped will you pull your hand up in delight at what you see?. Will you have to spend your self during to catch up after the tumbling stops?

I'm six months post surgery. I have started Gabapentin for what they call nerve pain in my abdomen. I bled again two months ago. I was given antibiotics. I have lost my apetite and have been to a couple of appoinments. My swabs have came back clear, and I am waiting for the next appointment as the pain steadily builds.


The coin is in the air.

I am busy preparing for Kitty to move in, my parents said she could live in Oma's house until it sells. Then they argue about emptying it for the realitor. I feel like they have disgarded my sister since she has no purpose to them anymore. She earned nothing during that time she was devoted to my grandmothers care. Now she literally has to go on welfare and she was willed in. But they are treating her, although I hate to say it like nothing since Oma is no longer there, like a beggar. My sister gave her youth to ensuring my Oma was comfortable. Now she has to resort to moving in with me. I love my sister dearly. I wish there was more that I could give her.

Last night was tense with all the pushing that they have been doing since she vents to me about it. I must admit I had a panic attack. The basement needs to be cleaned. And I found out that it full of junk, that my husband will not throw away. I worry now that he has a problem with hoarding. Allan has this issue. I could only do two hours before the pain got to me.

Kitty started messaging me asking if I was ready. She will not move into Allan and Minda's room temporarily. Allan and Minda are not down that often and if I had some help then I could get this done faster. She we both ended up getting on eachother nerves and I had to say "Let's Pause right now, because it does not need to happen now and it is really late."

We had a meeting at work, just the women at work. There is one woman above us in and we account for 33% of the work force. They were wondering why none of us applied for the last position. It was a very interesting meeting. I do not qualify for a promotion as my absences counted against me and I am seen as not reliable. I have been told I would be great for the positions they are offering but but just cannot apply. Everything else, well that is a very interesting feminist issue sadly.

Anyways I will update you soon when I figure out whether its NED's or tails between the legs.


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Debbie, Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Marcia sent you a prayer.
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Did they mention scar tissue? That could cause a lot of pain.
Good post, good read, good luck.
I had a crazy couple of years w family issues so I feel it. I'm finally good.
Good thoughts and karma to you tonight❤️
Hope it all goes well!!!
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