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A year has gone by...

Hey Warriors,

A year has come and gone since my DX date. There are still things I am coming to terms with. Like fertility issues. But a lot of good and change has come about in my life. I cannot do gastric bypass clinic for 5 years or donate blood but in five years I have been cleared for the surgery. I was admittedly upset about the set back but I have been working hard. It means a free gastric bypass in a few years.

The possible removal of a benign tumour on my arm is coming up. It has gotten huge, about the size of an egg and is starting to make typing grueling. 

I have my nephews, sister in law and inlaws all moving here. I took my nephews to scouts for the first time. Iain took pictures of them doing there pledge. I have a new puppy coming into my house, and with that a new healthy budding relationship with my mother. 

Work has been full of new projects and doing a bunch of events. This summer I went to the beer and barbeque fest and two comic cons. We are sponsoring the london knights and a local radio station. Plus the company is growing really quickly. It is exciting to no longer be just a customer service agent, but work for the actual company.

I saw Dr. V on the 28th of October and I am now 1 year between my appointments. My pain is being treated by gabapentin successfully. Things are definitely getting better. The only really huge thing is I don't have a functional water heater. So it has been 5 months of cold water only. But I have my life and my health so the things that used to be a huge deal (MM thank you for your wisedom) are not big deals and health matters.

How are you warriors?

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Fabulous news all 'round (except for the water heater). In particular, we are thrilled you have more family around you and that there is positive news with your mum. We hope the next year sees more good stuff happening xx
So good to hear from you and see that you are bonding with your family again. Lots of blessings in your life. Hugs!
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