Under pressure.

I feel as if the universe is against me sometimes. When things go to hell in a hand basket. It has been a weird year but I know god will help me find my path. In the summer the water heater broke down. I lost my grandmother. A lump on my arm grew really large and we are still waiting on the biopsy to come back. A growth has appeared on my ear. I know these challenges are meant to to teach me something. A challenge to find the brighter side and regain my inner optimist. However the water has been so exceptionally cold that we have been bathing in the sink. And this particular morning after our "Baths" I came down stairs and heard pouring down to the basement. We were late already so Iain turned off the water and the trickling stopped. We made our way out for our usual sunday routine. Dressed our finest and headed out. The whole time I was going nuclear in my head. When I bowed my head I thought of the contractors I would need for a burst pipe in the wall. Came back this afternoon to a bulge near the ceiling. Although I breathed a sigh of relief. "This too I can endure.." rung out in my mind. I checked the sink up stairs. The S pipe had rusted out. And the water had dripped down. I popped my new wall zit and cathartically sighed as it spewed water forth. I won't be about to take a sink bath, but it is not the worse thing ever. Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief because things are less worse?

It was thoughtfully suggested that I actually reach out for help with my water heater, because I will probably get sick. My guardian angel is wise. I have created a gofundme campaign after an evening on the phone pricing out the water heater again and installation. If you can contribute it would be greatly appreciated. The thought that you just know what I am going through and are here to fight, punch, hug and message me already means the world to me. And I hate to ask but here is the link bellow. Thank you for reading. https://www.gofundme.com/6f-water-heater

Patricia sent you a prayer.
Laurie, Carol sent you a hug.
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November 17, 2015

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November 15, 2015

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Starting off alone. Not having domain over my own body. Getting weaker. Being left in the dark by doctors

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