Beautiful Mosaics

I drummed my fingers along the white surface of the lunch room. Chris was in there, he is going through a bad break up. 

"Dude I am so bummed out about what is happening about you." He says, he scratches at his sore bleached scalp.  He was going through a rebirth of such. He like me is 33 years old and has been in a relationship from when he was a teenager.

I decided to be straight up this time with everyone right away as we are a tight knit crew. Chris had started with us as a former member of the XBOX support crew and was incredible at console support; however the fundamentals of networking and internet support are things that he needed to pick up. He was new when I came back in May this year. It has been such a short fucking time to be at work.

"Like you just got back and it seems like they have an interest in doing something with you, you wrote Tech Equivalency Guide right. It is so lame that they want sales agents to take that when they could just buddy support agents up with it." Chris chattered on

Still drumming my fingers, I take a look at my soup that is cooling on the table. I had mastered the art of seeming like I was paying attention to be fully. But I was deep within myself thinking about how I would have to restart over again or what was ahead of me. I'm not going to be seen as reliable or promotable if I was constantly going on medical leaves. I am very good at what I do. But I want more. I want to be a role model. For my father and mother inlaw to see me as a woman capable of fully taking care of their son. I wanted to prove to my father that his little girl was better than just being some mans wife. I want to do so much more with my life.


I switch tracks...I was mentally also planning my outfit for the group gathering for me and Erin's Birthday Party or trying to keep focused on the now.

I carry on into the conversation as Monique comes into the room. Monique is delightful. She is from South Africa. Moved to London of all places. She is a sassy plus sized lady like myself. I can understand a bit of Africaans because of the Dutch in it. She is Kady from Mean Girls if she had moved back in later life to a socialist country.

I jokingly say "Well it would make fiscal sense, but merging both sales and support would create less to manage and therefore less managers, and managers..and you know how managers like that." and look down at my phone smirking.

*Facebook Pop*

James: So I think you should really take the On call Option that the Doctor mentioned in February, you do not want to fuck around with this

What is a week of work worth to you..

Me: I am going to try to work things out with work today to see if I can do this, I really cannot afford this professionally. I am going to see if I can get them to pay out my sick days and agree to sick leave on the premise that I would go on leave for a week while this is happening.

James:Do you think that they will not cooperate?

Me: It is tough to say

James: If they will not cover it then I will. So how much is a week?

Me. 400$

James: I'm lucky. I moved here, got a free education and a good job. So I share my luck. Nothing more. Family is important. Ours is broken in so many ways and I take the stress off where I can. Sometimes it's easy, with money. Sometimes it's a lot harder from here. I wish I could do more. I'll cover it.

Me: You are an incredible brother in law. If work does not pay out that time I will let you know.

* I have a hard time accepting help*

Me: broken can be bad or can make a wonderful mosaic right?


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I too struggle with wanting to be a good role model and employee. I hate having to take time off for all of these doctor appointments. I'm trying to still accept the fact that this is our life now as cancer survivors. I say "trying" to accept it because I still haven't. I get frustrated and angry sometimes and this is very normal. Bottom line is this...we went through the treatment so that we could live, never realizing that life after treatment was going to be a different life than we had before. It's going to take some adjusting and everyone handles this differently. Allow yourself some time to adjust and process all these feelings. I'm right there with ya. Hang in there friend!
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