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I cannot feel it

So my surgery got bumped up, socialized health care can sometimes be damning. On call worked out for me. As awesome as work is - they will not cover my Medical Leave. The goverment will if it is long. But this is where James promise is coming into play. I feel so much guilt relying on people. I have slowly been losing total feeling in my left hand; which is making typing hard. It feels like there is an electrical shock going up and down the arm and it has started swelling with burst blood vessels.

My Mother and I have began talking again. As long as we keep things simple and I let her go at her pace it seems like I can have a partially one sided relationship with her and my family. Since my Oma has died. My family has kind of disowned each other. That means I do not see my Cousin; my drug abusing uncle and my toxic aunt anymore. They do not attempt to contact me and my mother and father no longer speak to them. This has given me some emotional peace. As greedy as it is.

Allan and Minda have purchased a condo down here in London. Iain's sister Alice has moved down here with our nephews. I love them very much. Alice is a little caustic. But she is willing to be there. Family relationships are hard dynamics to manage. Broken Mosiacs; broken families...

I made a really good new friend named Erin; I got new pup named Iris. I am started to let go and forgive things and hopefully grow as a person. Maybe actually grow up

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You ARE grown up. And I don't consider what you feel for those people "grudges"; more like "reasons" to intensely dislike them. It's best to stay away from toxic people, even if they are related to you. I'm sorry about your arm but it's good you got surgery bumped up. Try not to worry about anything. Worry is useless and draining. And is that a Chihuahua or Terrier is see there?????!!!!!!
Iris is a Chi!
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No, not a Rat Terrier, though I just love them too. I think Iris is Chi!!
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November 17, 2015

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February 4, 1984

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November 15, 2015

Stage 1

Grade 3


Starting off alone. Not having domain over my own body. Getting weaker. Being left in the dark by doctors

Don't take stuff or people for granted.

First Cancer was Endometrial Cancer -Very heavy bleeding -Abdominal pain -Fullness -Fatigue -Edema Sarcoma (2017) Growing lump on elbow pain tingling edema




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