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Hey guys. 

So the surgery to get negative margins on the sarcoma was on the 9th .They had to go deep! I was surprised! Oh boy I'm sore! Any tips?


Thomas threw a punch at your cancer.
Thomas sent you a hug.
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Stay ahead of the pain. If you wait to take pain meds it can take hours. Watch for any signs of infection. Do't do to much to early. Hope you improve rapidly.
Is that the inside or outside of your arm Jen? Soft tissue sarcoma? Like Pam says, don't wait until it's throbbing; take the pain rx as soon as you can.
*soft paw* #ouchies ... we agree with comments - stay ahead of the pain. Go slowly and try not to knock it. Yes, act immediately upon any sign of infection. We have paws crossed for success! xx :*)
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