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Hey everyone.

I'm back after a few days as an inpatient. My second elbow tricked into an elephant arm and high fever after my doctor's appointment. I ended up immediately admitted. 6 cultures later and a bit of compartment syndrome, a nice deep slash and degunk and later we found out that i had contracted MRSA from my surgery. I spent 5 days in. And now have a nurse coming into my home. My left arm is above my head most of the time..I tried typing and using it and i get 5 minutes of use before the pain kicks in.

I see my onc in a few. Dr.L tomorrow.

I guess psysios in my future.

Deborah, Lori threw a punch at your cancer.
Finney, Laurie sent you a prayer.
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Hi! I'm sorry you're having a rough time with this second cancer and the mrsa. I suppose they got clean margins from the surgery. I'll bet Rose and Iris are at your side constantly. It's good that you hacmve a visiting RN. I had one also but first visit was a pain for her and I. Pennsylvania law mandates she interview me, using a laptop and the interview took two hours! Take care and God Bless, Jenn.
Oh no, so sorry you have come down with this. I am sending you prayers and positive vibes. I guess it's always a risk with surgery. Not fun. Hopefully they will find something to cure it in the near future.
*soft paw* Oh dear, am sorry to read you've battling this nasty superbug. Am hoping you are well on the mend now and pretty soon the pain will subside. Such a nasty infection. Take care xx :*)
Stay Sttrong. You are not alone. Try and laugh everyday. I too have sarcoma and it's terrifying. God Bless
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