Back again.

The pain came back about 2 months ago, with swelling of my left arm. Climbing the pain relief scale, I have climbed up to morphine. The inclusiveness of what was in there before was looming. After failed Psyiotherapy and a Ergo setup later I have gone for imagming. I have had this looming feeling. I hope there is not more to fight. I am 33 years old and I have fought twice. A third fight? What is wrong with me. What in the fuck was that black void on the ultrasound today? I picked up vaping. I used to smoke. I quit on my first DX day. The stress eats up at my sending a plume of acid reflux up to the back of my throat daily. Work has put me in Sales/Billing because it is hard for me to type what is necessary for technical tickets. They bought me a gorgeous split keyboard. I love my coworkers.

I got the water heater fixed finally. It was installed in October 15th 2017. I laid in bed after my first hot shower in a year sobbing about how hard it has been. Iain in now luckily on medical marijuana so he is doing better. The house smells like the living room of my parents home. Like a Phish Concert.

Work has been exciting. I am just worried.

I made a new friend last year at work. We have been sitting together since we met. Her name is Erin. We go grocery shopping and thrift store shopping. Her birthday is one day off of mine and her anniversary with her husband is three days off of ours. She lets me cut her hair. I now cut my Father in Laws, Iain's and hers. I never knew how much I would enjoy cutting hair.

So how do you deal with relaspes or reoccurences of cancer? Like emotionally.

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It's so nice you have a supportive group of people surrounding you. Hope all turns out OK.
Hi Jennifer. I hope the spot is a cyst or shadow. I am so sorry you are going through this. I’m glad you are vaping. In our state medical and recreational marijuana are both legal. My husband takes a dose of Rick Simpson oil every night. It helps a lot with chemo side effects.

You are so young to have fought this fight 2x. I pray a third fight isn’t necessary.
Jennifer, I keep hoping I will wake up from this bad dream when the cancer comes back with a vengeance. It use to be easier to ignore but my last cancer marker was well over 10,0000. Somehow I knew I was not dreaming. I try to focus on the positive things in my life, particularly those that have come after the cancer. I also try to live in the moment. When my mind wants to drift to tomorrow or next week, I try to find something that brings me back to the present. On the posts I have read, most people find their own ways, some travel, some craft, some call a good empathetic friend. I hope you can find a way to get through these scary times.
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I think I have found a lot in cutting hair. Last time it was writing, and art. So I think I am going to begin to write poetry again or pick up the novel I have been writing. Typing hurts some, so I will figure out the plot and get a text to speech program.
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