Long time

Hey Guys,


It has been a while since I last checked in. I am still dealing with complications from the soft tissue sarcoma I had and have a weird syndrome called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome from when I caught MRSA in my arm. Things have becoming challenging and I have already noticed colour changes and a slight changes. I am doing physiotherpay to stay a head of things.

I am not doing support at work. My memory is questionable with the medicines I am using to cope with. My vision has changed. Otherwise I am healthy. My place of work has started recommending to me that I go on a leave and go on disability. It has been very stressful dealing with what I want and keeping my job.




Love you all

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So sorry things are rough. Sending hugs, love, and prayers
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*soft paw* It's wonderful to hear from you, but we're so sorry to hear these difficulties you are facing. From memory, your workplace was very supportive of you ... we're saddened to hear this may no longer be the case. Good to hear you are being proactive though and doing the physio - we hope this is successful in keeping you as limber and pain-free as possible. Keep in touch as you can, and know we care about you. Hugs xx :*)
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I love you Thomas! Take care of my girl Stella up there.
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*waves to his beloved Aunty from his pink fluffy cloud* I'm meeting Stella for lunch at the All Day BBQ *licks lips* then we're joining our pals for a woogling session on the Common, maybe splash about in the pond then a snooze in the celestial sunbeams 'til dinner time *thumping tailwags* Stella told me she is sending you kisses in rain this week xox :*)
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Awww, tears of joy. I miss both of you but I'm so grateful that you can still visit with us! Lol, Stella loves BBQ! 😘
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You are too young to feel so crappy. I wish I could take some of that pain, seriously. But I'm not an empath. why don't you take that leave? Pretty soon the weather will be getting cold and snowy. Try it. But I know you enjoy working so it's a tough call. Has your vision gotten worse? I'm wondering if the Rx's didn't give you premature cataracts?
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So sorry you are still going through difficulties. I know you really want to keep working, but have you considered the disability and doing something part time, that you would really enjoy?
Hope things are going better. Happy birthday week
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